How To Boot Lenovo Laptop With The Help Of CD


Laptop and desktop computer series of Lenovo come with an option of booting from CD. The option of booting from CD is required either if you want to reinstall the operating system or if you want to troubleshoot any driver or utility tool in the operating system. So, if you have any issues in your operating system, you can troubleshoot it by following some steps provided by Lenovo repair center Adelaide to boot your PC

Step 1- The first step you have to perform is to insert the CD into your Lenovo’s CD-ROM drive. Now click on “start” button and then “shutdown” followed by “Restart” to reboot your computer.

Step 2- When the Lenovo or the Thinkpad logo appears on the screen after rebooting the laptop, press the keys “F1” or “F2” repeatedly, to enter the BIOS mode on your laptop. The two function keys “F1” and “F2” are used to enter the BIOS in both the new Lenovo or ThinkPad models and the older versions of the ThinkPad. But if neither of these two function keys works, you can call the Lenovo repair centre Adelaide 1-800-921-785

Step 3- Now, You have to press the “Right Arrow” key to highlight the boot section of BIOS on your PC. Now press “Enter.”

Step 4- To highlight the “IDE CD” under Boot priority Order, press the “Down Arrow” key. Now, to move the “IDE CD” up to the first boot priority order, press the “+” key.

Step 5- The final step is to save the settings. Press the key “F10” to save the settings and at last reboot your laptop. Now press any key to boot your Lenovo system with the help of the CD when prompted.

Finally, you will be able to reinstall the operating system on your Lenovo laptop and all the issues related to the utility tools will be resolved.

still you need any technical support you can any time call Lenovo support number Australia 1-800-921-785

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Lenovo is the foremost brand available across the globe and best known for its pricing, superior quality, and tasteful design. As there are millions of people using Lenovo laptop for their regular use, they may experience tricky password issues, therefore, Lenovo support team introduces you some solutions to recover it for your laptop.

In order to recover it, you can either make use of reset disk you have created earlier or with the help of given processes.

Process: 1 Use Of Recovery Disk

  • If you have already created a password reset disk earlier. You can use it for your laptop.
  • You just need to click “Reset Password” link that you can find under the entry field and place your password recovery disk.
  • Next, you have to enter a new password two times and then enter a hint in order to recall it in the future.

Process: 2 Reset It With Reset Software

  • First, you need to download and install Windows Password key on your laptop.
  • Next, you have to insert a CD/DVD disk or USB flash to your computer and specify a CD/USB burning drive and click “Burn” in order to burn a password reset disk.
  • From that point forward, you need to plug a recently made reset disk to your Lenovo PC and afterward set BIOS to begin your portable laptop from CD/DVD or USB.
  • Then, Windows password window will display on your screen and the follow the prompts in order to recover it.

Hopefully, these steps will help you in resolving your issue and in case, you stuck somewhere in following these steps or you find yourself puzzled in this process, not to worry, you can call our helpline number 1-800-921-785. Once you connect with Lenovo customer service Australia you are able to resolve this issue as per the guidelines offered by our expert.

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What are the Steps To Recover Permanently Deleted Files From My PC?

If you have mistakenly deleted your files or folders from your Lenovo laptop and looking to recover them, no worries, you can do so. Yes! You just need to follow these given steps offered by Lenovo support team to retrieve them.


Directions to follow:

Process: 1 Recover permanently deleted files from its previous version

Whenever you deleted files from your desktop by clicking “Shift + Delete” button, but you get your deleted data back from the previous versions easily if you still know the name of deleted files or a folder. Follow these given steps to do so:

First, you have to create a file or a folder on your computer and you have to give it the same name that you gave to your earlier file.

Once you do so, then right-click on a file and there you have to press on “Restore previous versions”. After that, Windows will start searching for the previous version of a permanently delete file or folder with different time and date.

Now you have to choose a latest one and then press on “Restore” to retrieve the permanently deleted documents and folder easily.

Process: 2 Recover the permanently deleted files or folders with EaseUS data recovery software

With this above-given process, you are able to get back your documents or folders from the desktop, in case, you get failed to get back your documents with this solution then try to recover your files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

First, you have to open EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and there you have to choose disk partition or storage location from where you lost your folder and then press on “Scan”.

This way Ease US Data Recovery Wizard will start a quick scan in order to find the lost data and once you quick scan, this way a deep scan takes place and start finding more files.

Now you get a preview and restore your lost data when you go through the preview you are able to find file types, you just need to press on found data and then click “Recover” to save them to a safe place on your PC/ storage device.

In case, you face any issue in following these steps, you can make a call on Lenovo customer service Australia 1-800-921-785

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What are the steps to install Lenovo drivers automatically?

Lenovo is one of the leading brands that have a special demand among its users and people make use of these laptops of this brand for both individual as well as official purpose. If you are an existing user of this brand and using its laptops for yourself and you are looking to update its drivers automatically but you don’t know how to do this then, not to worry anymore, just read these given steps that will help you in completing this task.

In case, you stuck somewhere in following these steps, and you are living in Sydney you can directly visit Lenovo repair centre Sydney. Once you make a call, you get real-time assistance with the support team.

Install Lenovo drivers automatically

Steps to follow:

You can do this with the help of Driver Easy; with Driver Easy it will automatically recognize your device to find the right drivers for it. You don’t need to find what actually your system is running, you don’t need to take any risk in downloading and installing the wrong drive and you’ll get relieved yourself in making a mistake while installing.

You just need to download and install Driver Easy and then run this setup to unzip its file and next click on “Scan Now” button. This Driver Easy will scan your device completely and find out the problems with drivers if any.

Next, you need to click “Update” button that is just next to a specific driver that will automatically download and install the right version of this driver on your device (you can do so with its free version). Or if you wish you can click “Update All” to automatically download and install a correct version of all drivers that are missing or outdated on your device (it requires a Pro Version- you’ll be asked to upgrade once you click on “Update All”).

Once you follow these given steps, you are able to install the drivers automatically on your device, if you need any assistance then call support number Lenovo Australia 1-800-921-785.

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How To Open The Webcam On Lenovo Laptop

Step 1- Firstly power on your ThinkPad and go to the “Start” button on the screen and click on it.

Step 2- Click on “All Programs” and select the option “Capture from video device.”

Step 3- Now you will have to adjust the microphone level to the fourth line and click “Next”

Step 4- Select a file name for the video you created and then choose the destination folder to which you want to store the video.

Step 5- You have to select “Best Quality” and then move further by pressing the “Next” button.

Step 6- To create a video click on the “Start Capture” and to stop recording click on the “Stop Capture” option.

Step 7- At last click on the “Finish.”

These steps will guide you to use the webcam on your laptop. For any issues, you can take the help from Lenovo technical support Australia . if you are live in Adelaide call Lenovo repairs Adelaide 1-800-921-785 for your laptop related issues.

For any technical support you can any time call 1-800-921-785

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